Beauty: Tips, Tricks and advice...

Stop that dark eye shadow ruining your makeup:

Dark eye shadow can look absolutely beautiful... when applied correctly. Do you ever apply it and end up having to do the rest of  your makeup again, as it's been ruined by flecks of black shadow? Well girls, with a few simple tricks, you can make sure you keep your foundation, and the rest of your makeup looking beautiful.
The first trick really is quite simple, Don't overload your brush!! Use your brush with only a tiny amount of eyeshadow on a time, and layer your eyeshadow until you get your desired colour. You may think this will take too much time, but in the long run it can save you, as you wont have to rush around trying to get rid of them black stains on your cheeks.
When applying the shadow, there are a couple of different ways of preventing it falling on to your face. 
Firstly, is the old fashioned tissue under your eye way. This is pretty simple really, just fold up a tissue and hold it under your eye, so that the tissue will catch the particles.

Alternatively, another effective method is to dust translucent powder under your eyes. Dust it on with a powder brush, holding the bristles, so that the powder transfers on to your face better. Apply your shadow, and (PLEASE) make sure you remember to dust the powder away after.
I'd advise against this if your skin is quite dry or mature, as the powder can end up highlighting dry patches and lines.


The black shadow I'm using above is Mac in shade Carbon.

How to achieve a gorgeous and even tan: 

I know you've probably heard it a million times before, but if you don't buff away all them dead skin cells girls, that tan is gonna rest on those dead cells, leaving you with an unattractive, patchy tan. So get in that shower and give yourself a good old scrub down with an exfoliater (preferably one designed to use before you apply fake tan). Also, by doing this, you will remove all the perfumes from your body, which can also be to blame for a patchy tan.

Next, after drying off that hot body of yours, moisturise!! You don't particularly have to do it all over, but definitely on your ankles, knees, hands, armpits (and hairline and eyebrows if tanning the face.). If you miss this step, the fake tan is likely to gather in these places leaving them darker. This is because, they tend to be the drier parts of the body, so if you have dry parts in other places, give them a good old moisturise too. Try and use a non perfumed moisturiser. I use the Palmers non perfumed moisturiser.

Now you need to protect your self from orange hands, so get some gloves girls! A self tan mitt is good, but personally I don't think it gives me enough control of where the tans going, so I go for a cheaper option, Marigold home wear gloves!! I turn these inside out, and use the white, soft side. This glides the tan on effortlessly, and buffs it to remove any patches. I had tried all sorts of gloves, latex, mitts, the lot! But I really do find these the best.

You are now ready to apply that tan! Starting from your feet smooth that tan on evenly in strokes, taking care not to rub it in too much, as this can rub the tan off, leaving it patchy. Work from your feet upwards and apply less tan to drier areas. Wait until the tan is completely dry, before getting dressed in loose, baggy clothing. I always find it best to put the tan on at night, sleep in it and then wash it off the next morning.

To maintain your tan, and to ensure it fades evenly, make sure you exfoliate regularly and moisturise at least once a day.

I hope your tan comes out looking lovely, and by following these steps, there is no reason why it shouldn't.