Tuesday, 3 April 2012


 Meet your new Avon Rep... ME! Yep, I decided to take it up for a bit of extra £, as I'll soon have a baby to take care of. I also thought it would be something to do whilst on  maternity leave... although I'm sure I'll have my hands full with a newborn!!
I've attached a copy of the latest Ebrochure for you to browse through. 
I'm sure most of my Blogger friends don't live very local to me, so if you spend over £60 in the brochure, I will deliver it to you free (UK only). For all other p&p quotes, including overseas charges, Email me at Gina.chamberlain@hotmail.co.uk with what you intend to order, and I'll quote you for the P&P.

 Check out my new AVON eBrochure!!

Thanks Guys!!!

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Coral Lips

I'm an absolute sucker for lipsticks...Pink, Reds, Corals, I loveeee them all! I thought I'd do a quick post to show you my one of my favourite colours right now, and whats more, it's cheap!! 

Before I apply colour to my lips, I always put concealer on first. I do this as I think it achieves a better colour, nicer finish and helps the colour to stay on your lips longer. 

Basically the colour I have fallen in love with is a mixture of 2 colours. The first is this Lipstick by Rimmel in shade 620 Coral Queen. This has been a staple in my makeup bag for a long time now, I'm literally in love! Coral is by far my favourite colour ever and every summer it comes out in my clothes, nails and lips!

2nd, is this pink lipgloss by Barry M in shade 5. Not only is it a gorgeous colour, it also smells amazing...of bubblegum. Yum!!

The overall colour can be controlled by how much of each the concealer, lipstick and lipgloss you apply.

Foundation: Ginvera BB Cream, dusting of Bare Minerals foundation in Medium Beige.
Concealer: Estee Lauder in light medium
Bronzer: Bourjois bronzing powder, shade 51.
Eyebrows: Rimmel pencil, shade 001 Dark Brown
Eyeshadow: Urban Decay Sin from Naked Palette.
Eyeliner: Bourjois ultra black Kohl. Blended with Studio makeup liner styler pen.
Mascara: Benefit Bad Gal.
Lips: Concealer, Rimmel coral lipstick, Barry M pink Lipgloss.

                                           Just a snap of me a the boyfriend on his birthday :)
                                                       Same lip colour, of course!!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Proactiv Update

Hi to my beautiful followers! It's been 4 weeks now since I started the Proactiv skin solution to try and combat these spots once and for all. For those of you that don't know, Proactiv is a 3 step skin solution consisting of a Cleanser, Toner and Repairing Treatment for problem skin.

Ok, so the first step is this Renewing cleanser which contains Salicylic acid. You use this in the morning and evening by pouring a small amount into your hand and applying it to damp skin, rinsing it off thoroughly. 

I was taken by surprise when I first used this as I didn't realise it was an exfoliating cleanser. I was worried that it would quite harsh to my sensitive skin after a while. Also, it is far too harsh to use around the delicate eye area, so I've had to start using an eye makeup remover in my skin routine. The actual cleanser is bluey green in colour with exfoliating particles in. When I used this, it didn't foam up as much as I was use to with my previous cleanser, which meant I seemed to have to apply more product in order to thoroughly cleanse my skin. After a couple of weeks, I felt my skin needed a break from the exfoliating, so I've started using my old cleanser once as week, which is a lot more gentle on my skin. Overall though, the cleanser is a good one, I do like the fact it's exfoliating, and found it has actually helped to draw out my impurities.

 Step number 2 is the Revitalising Toner. You apply this to cleansed skin with a cotton pad, morning and evening.
This toner was very gentle on  my skin, which was much needed after the constant exfoliation. It wasn't until I got to this stage that I realised I need quite a bit of the cleanser to ensure all the traces of my makeup was gone... as makeup was still coming off on the pad!

Step 3, the Repairing Treatment. This lightweight repairing treatment claims to refine the skins natural texture with soothing botanical extracts including Tea Tree oil, Rosemary and Chamomile. Salicylic acid helps to clarify skin and prevent breakouts. This is meant to be applied morning and evening, after the toner.
This treatment seemed very mild compared to what I was used to, which I'm not sure is a good thing. The first couple of days of starting this system, I applied it as directed. However, I felt it wasn't enough to combat the spots, so I only apply this in the mornings now, and use a prescription night treatment instead. I felt that had I not done this, my skin would have broke out uncontrollably again...which I was definitely not prepared for! It wasn't until I see the American version on the Proactiv television advert, that I realised they actually get a separate night treatment with their Proactiv system. Americans always seem to do it better, damn it! However, this was a nice treatment to use during the day, and worked as a nice base to apply makeup. It did feel really soothing on my skin, and yet despite the creamy texture, it didn't make my skin any more oily that normal. 

Overall, I think my skin is slightly better. Yes, I still breakout every now and then, but no matter what I use, I'm still going to have this problem. I do feel breakouts are less often though. I get days when my skin is actually slightly peeling... which is strange considering my oily skin, but I've put this down to constant exfoliation. I wish the English version included the night treatment like the Americans, as I'd love to give that a shot, but we can't have everything! I don't think I'd dare use the system minus my prescription treatment and the once weekly gentler cleanser I use, as I think my skin would just play havoc! 4 weeks is not a great length of time to see if a skin treatment truly works for you, so I will keep you all updated further down the line.

Have any of you guys had good/ bad Proactiv experiences? Please share...

Monday, 26 March 2012

March Jolie Box

These last couple of month have not been good for these beauty boxes. First with the demise of Feel Unique, and now Carmines collapse 'joint venture' with Glossy Box. Who's going to be next to bite the dust?! Typically though, it's my favourite 2 boxes that have disappeared...just my luck!!
Anyway, this months Jolie Box was promised to be filled with only full size items. Was this their little plan to try and keep up with Glossy Boxes Harrods box we received this month? Who knows, but here's whats inside:

Yardley Luxury Body Wash (200ml): Luxury body wash to cleanse and nourish the skin. Available in three floral scents.
Another body wash! I have sooo many to get through right now due to getting them so regularly in boxes. I will use them though, so it's not all bad. I received the Peony scent wash, which I received a perfume sample of in a box last month. It's a lovely summery scent, and not too over powering.

Davines Authentic Moisturising Balm: A natural and conditioning balm to be used on face, hair and body. Contains ingredients such as jojoba and sesame oil.
I was massively thrilled to receive this item. I had heard so much about Davines, and really wanted to give it a go. My real excitement came when I realised this balm can me used on my hair! With extensions, my hair gets so dry, so any good hair conditioning products is a win with me. It's just a tad annoying that they're very rarely in a box. I actually tested this out last night, applied it to damp hair, left on for a few minutes then washed of, as it instructed. And the results? Soft shiny hair! I wouldn't say it was a miracle worker as my hair still feels a bit dry today, but it definitely does it's job well. So thanks for this, Jolie Box!

Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner: This skinny eyeliner pencil provides precise definition and intense long-lasting colour. Available in 6 different shades.
My gosh, Eyeko sure are desperate to get their name and products out there!! This is the third Eyeko product I've received in a box. That's not a complaint by the way, as I quite like their products. Their liners are quite pigmented and intense, which I like. The colour I received this time is Midnight Blue. I didn't really know what to think of it though to be honest. I always see Blue liners as quite 80's. But I think I will brave it and have a play around with this to create a more modern look.

LCN Nail polish from the Free Your Mind 2012 collection: A fast drying polish available in four on trend pastel shades.
Hmmm I really don't know what to think of the colour of this polish. I don't think I really like it? It's a really light blue colour with small specks of  glitter in. As much as I love pastel coloured nail polish, I don't feel this one is very pigmented for my liking... it looks more of an off-white colour. Will be passing this product on I think.

JolieBox Mirror: A dainty compact mirror that will fit perfectly in your makeup bag.
Ok ladies and gentlemen, I have saved the worse til last. I was so unimpressed with this, and felt slightly cheated out of a product. I think that may just be me being majorly harsh/fussy though? I have a whole tonne of mirrors that never get used, so this one will go in that pile. I do like that it's a really slim design though, so as to not take up too much space in that precious makeup bag!

I'm not going to say this box was bad, because it wasn't...I've received far worse boxes in the past. But in my opinion, it would be much better if the Beauty Box company's didn't tell us about the 'special' boxes we will receive that month. In this case, Jolie Box announced we will be getting all full sized items, and we all get our hopes up expecting a complete wonder box. Whilst they did deliver their promise (with exceptions of that pesky mirror), I think us customers would be more thrilled if we received the surprise when we opened the box. Surely that way, we could only be thrilled instead of disappointed ...not saying I was exactly that, though.
But overall, not a bad box, Jolie!!

What do you ladies think of this months 'special' Jolie Box?

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Ginvera BB cream

I received a sample of Ginvera Green Tea BB Cream through the post the other day, and was so excited to give it a go. I have heard so much about BB creams recently, but had never actually tried one. For any of you that don't know, BB actually stands for Blemish Balm. Before they arrived in the UK, they were, and still are used in Asia. Asian girls, to me always seem to have perfect glowing skin, and if these creams are the reason why, then I'm in! 

  •  Natural and flawless coverage for all skin tones
  • Non greasy formula that provides a matte finish
  • Spreads with Nano fine texture, resulting in even tone and natural look
  • Supplies essential nutrients to revitalise skin, resulting in visibly fairer and radiant skin
  • Provides all day hydration for soft, supple skin
  • Provides Spf 30 to protect skin against UV rays and harmful free radicals.
  • Helps reduce the formation of fine lines

At first glance of the sachet sample received, I never thought there would be enough product in there to cover my far from perfect skin. But ladies, a little definitely goes a long way! There was in fact enough in there for 3-4 applications. Pouring it out onto my finger, it looked like your average liquid foundation... if a little dark. Once applied however, it adapted to the colour of my skin which quite impressed me, as foundation colour matching is always a tricky one. After applying the cream to my whole face, I was quite impressed with the look and coverage of it. It has a medium coverage, and made my skin look fresh and healthy. It also had quite a matte finish for a liquid foundation, which is always a good thing for an oily skinned girl! For me however, I felt I needed a tad extra coverage, so went over it with a small amount of my Bare Minerals foundation and concealer. This not only gave that extra bit more coverage I felt I needed for my skin, but also helped to set the cream for the day, to help prevent my skin from turning into greasy mess. 

 This pic was taken towards the end of the day wearing the Ginvera BB cream. My skin has gone quite oily, but to be honest, this level is quite good for me. Sometimes it can be far worse!

For you girls that don't need a heavy coverage, this product would be ideal for you. And for those of you that do prefer a heavier coverage, like myself, this actually makes a nice base primer/foundation. Although, I didn't feel comfortable wearing this alone, I think I would definitely purchase it in the future, as it gives a nicer, fresher coverage than my Bare Minerals alone. Maybe in the Summer, I'll brave it a bit more and use just the Ginvera (with a little translucent powder).
This BB cream is around £15-£20 for a 25ml tube, which should last you a longgg time.

My first BB cream experience was definitely a good one. I'm on the look out now for other brands versions, so I can compare.

I love receiving free samples as I feel sometimes you need to test a product for a couple of days to see if it's right for you. Check out:
to get some free samples for yourself

What do you ladies think of BB creams??

Friday, 16 March 2012

Harrods Glossy Box. March

Hi guys!! Apologies for my absence, I've been on a little holiday visiting family In Norfolk and Yorkshire. Had a fab time but back down to reality now...and back to blogging!! :)

So I'm sure most of you are aware now, that Glossy Box teamed up with Harrods this month for a special edition box. I was so excited about this, that I actually ordered 2 boxes (one using a half price code), in the hope they would be amazing!.... and were they?


This month our boxes arrived in a lovely special edition white box.

First Box:

Versace- Vanitas Versace Perfume. A luxurious scent from the House of Versace. Vanitas is a rich and voluptuous fragrance with notes of tiare flower, lime and freesia.
I love this cute bottle, and as far as perfume samples go, this is a generous sample (4.5ml)! The scent is gorgeous, strong, yet not over-powering. The only downside to this is that it isn't a spray bottle. But hey that's just me being fussy!

Bliss-Blood Orange and White Pepper Body Butter (50ml). Deeply moisturising, skin softening, naturally rejuvenating body butter in mouth watering blood orange and white pepper.
As much as I'm getting a bit fed up of receiving body moisturisers in boxes these days, as I receive them in pretty much every box, this one I was quite happy to see. As a pregnant woman, I'm creaming my body as much as I can in order to help keep them stretch marks at bay! Body butters are a lot richer and thicker than an average moisturiser, so I will definitely be using this one. It also has an amazing smell, the scent of orange is quite strong, and as a fruity scent loving chick, I can't get enough of it!

Revive- Intensite Creme Lustre SPF30 (7ml). An intense, firming moisturiser that helps to reduce the appearance of sagging skin.
As far as facial skincare goes, there are not many items I receive in boxes that I will actually use, due to my current strict skincare regime. That, paired with the fact that this is a rich face moisturiser, makes this a massive No No for my oily problem skin. It does seem like a lovely little product though, but just not one that I will be trying or keeping.

Lancome- Teint Miracle Foundation. Natural light creator. Bare skin perfection. Light is not only reflected on the surface: it is also re-emitted from within the skin.
I am a fan of Lancome, and was quite excited when I see I had received a product of theirs. However much I like this product, I won't be using it as it's not me at all. It is a light coverage foundation, where as I tend to go for a slightly more heavy coverage. Also, it is light reflecting, which isn't good for me either as my skin gets so oily throughout the day, this foundation would turn me into a walking grease ball! It is a lovely sample though and comes in 5ml glass bottle.

Clarins- Extra firming body cream (30ml), A formula rich in regenerating and firming plant extracts which restore the skins youthful density and elasticity.
Great, yet another body moisturiser. 2 in the same box is a bit much, but as It's Clarins and it's extra firming, I guess I will let them off!! This claims to lift, tone and comfort, which sounds like just the product I need in my life right now.

2nd Box:

Narciso Rodriguez- For Her Perfume. For her is Nasrciso's first fragrance. A tribute to womens grace and power of inspiration.
I love this sweet scent, but at 1ml, it's not going to last very long. It does come in a spray bottle though which is always a win with me. It just makes it so much easier to use.

Molton Brown- Heavenly ginger Lily moisture bath & shower. Vitamin- rich fruit extracts boost the skin and invigorate the senses.
Shower products are not something I normally splash out on, I usually just get a gel from the 99p shop and think no more of it. But, since subscribing to these boxes and receiving the occasional shower gel, you can notice the difference between the quality. It's a nice treat using a luxurious body wash, and this one smells lovely. It's not a bad size either, at 50ml.

 Ysl- Forever Youth Liberator Serum. A powerful serum enriched with 3 glycans to help increase youthful activity in skin cells.
Ysl is one of my favourite brands, so I was very happy for them to pop up in my box. I tested a small amount of this on the back of my hand, and it feels very smooth and non greasy. I won't be able to get away with using this on my face, however. This comes in a cute 5ml glass bottle, a small amount of this goes a long way, so this sized bottle should last a while.

Burberry Beauty- Mini Lip cover Rosewood No4 (0.8g). This soft satin lipstick offers intense moisture and luminous long lasting colour for fuller lips.
I was so excited when I realised I had received a Burberry lippy. Not a huge fan of Burberry, but I am a huge fan of lippy!! ...and then I see the colour. It's a browny colour, which is the main colour I stay well away from. I find browns quite ageing on me, and they tend to make me appear a bit washed out. The packaging is lovely though.

Clarins- Extra Firming body cream. This item I received in both boxes (see above for review).

Overall I'm quite happy with my Harrods Glossy Boxes. I was very relieved that I had received 2 different ones, as I thought It would be just my luck that I received 2 identical boxes. The sample sizes are relatively generous, but although Glossy Box don't promise a full size item, it is nice to receive one each month. Which is what this month lacked. I loved that they used brands that we all know and love, although I feel they could have used a bit more variety in some boxes ( I mean to body creams in one box, come on!!). But yeah,. overall I'm happy with my boxes, Box number 2 is definitely my fave though!

What did you guys get?

Friday, 2 March 2012

The Beauty-ful Blog Award

Woohooo, I have received my first ever blog award by Giada Beauty.
Thanks so much for this award, it really does mean alot. It's nice to know that people really do appreciate the time and effort you put in to creating a blog. 
Make sure you check out her fab blog Giada Beauty


***This award is meant ONLY for people who have a blog dedicated to makeup...that's why the "Beauty"***

The person who receives the award should link back to the person who gave the award (if you have received the award directly from sdglitter then you may skip this step but mention it that you have been awarded by sdglitter)
The person who receives this award must pass this on to 5 other beauty blogs that he/she follows and out of the 5 one should be a newly discovered blog
The person who receives the award should list 5 trends of makeup that he/she likes or dislikes or both

The best rule - The person who receives the award should post a link to
Beauty-Ful Blog Awards So people who have not received the award can nominate themselves.
My top five trends
1) Bright, bold lips. Whether pink, red, coral... I loveee a bright lip!
2) Bronzed skin. Typical being I'm an Essex girl?
3) Black winged liner. A classic and timeless look
4) Defined Brows. No matter what brow or shape, they always look better defined
5) Curly hair. A classic case of 'you always want what you can't have', as my hairs naturally polka straight

My Five Nominees are
Newly Discovered -
Crystalia cupcake

Thanks again Giada Beauty for the Beauty-ful award.