Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Proactiv Update

Hi to my beautiful followers! It's been 4 weeks now since I started the Proactiv skin solution to try and combat these spots once and for all. For those of you that don't know, Proactiv is a 3 step skin solution consisting of a Cleanser, Toner and Repairing Treatment for problem skin.

Ok, so the first step is this Renewing cleanser which contains Salicylic acid. You use this in the morning and evening by pouring a small amount into your hand and applying it to damp skin, rinsing it off thoroughly. 

I was taken by surprise when I first used this as I didn't realise it was an exfoliating cleanser. I was worried that it would quite harsh to my sensitive skin after a while. Also, it is far too harsh to use around the delicate eye area, so I've had to start using an eye makeup remover in my skin routine. The actual cleanser is bluey green in colour with exfoliating particles in. When I used this, it didn't foam up as much as I was use to with my previous cleanser, which meant I seemed to have to apply more product in order to thoroughly cleanse my skin. After a couple of weeks, I felt my skin needed a break from the exfoliating, so I've started using my old cleanser once as week, which is a lot more gentle on my skin. Overall though, the cleanser is a good one, I do like the fact it's exfoliating, and found it has actually helped to draw out my impurities.

 Step number 2 is the Revitalising Toner. You apply this to cleansed skin with a cotton pad, morning and evening.
This toner was very gentle on  my skin, which was much needed after the constant exfoliation. It wasn't until I got to this stage that I realised I need quite a bit of the cleanser to ensure all the traces of my makeup was gone... as makeup was still coming off on the pad!

Step 3, the Repairing Treatment. This lightweight repairing treatment claims to refine the skins natural texture with soothing botanical extracts including Tea Tree oil, Rosemary and Chamomile. Salicylic acid helps to clarify skin and prevent breakouts. This is meant to be applied morning and evening, after the toner.
This treatment seemed very mild compared to what I was used to, which I'm not sure is a good thing. The first couple of days of starting this system, I applied it as directed. However, I felt it wasn't enough to combat the spots, so I only apply this in the mornings now, and use a prescription night treatment instead. I felt that had I not done this, my skin would have broke out uncontrollably again...which I was definitely not prepared for! It wasn't until I see the American version on the Proactiv television advert, that I realised they actually get a separate night treatment with their Proactiv system. Americans always seem to do it better, damn it! However, this was a nice treatment to use during the day, and worked as a nice base to apply makeup. It did feel really soothing on my skin, and yet despite the creamy texture, it didn't make my skin any more oily that normal. 

Overall, I think my skin is slightly better. Yes, I still breakout every now and then, but no matter what I use, I'm still going to have this problem. I do feel breakouts are less often though. I get days when my skin is actually slightly peeling... which is strange considering my oily skin, but I've put this down to constant exfoliation. I wish the English version included the night treatment like the Americans, as I'd love to give that a shot, but we can't have everything! I don't think I'd dare use the system minus my prescription treatment and the once weekly gentler cleanser I use, as I think my skin would just play havoc! 4 weeks is not a great length of time to see if a skin treatment truly works for you, so I will keep you all updated further down the line.

Have any of you guys had good/ bad Proactiv experiences? Please share...


  1. Poractiv did not work for me, it actually made everything worse, which I hear is expected, but I disagree... I switched to La Roche-Posay Effaclar line and the change is stunning, I still get occasional breakout, but no more clusters. However my sister used Proactiv and it worked wonders for her, so there is no one fix for all out there... congrats to you if you found your solution :)

  2. I used pro-active when i was in america, and found it really bad on my skin, my face clothes got completely bleached which freaked me out, and it just dried out my skin. I have heard that effaclar is the bees knees too, i was on tablets and prescription cream to get rid of mine but considering effaclar at the moment.I hope u have more luck with this if u continue to use it :)