Thursday, 22 March 2012

Ginvera BB cream

I received a sample of Ginvera Green Tea BB Cream through the post the other day, and was so excited to give it a go. I have heard so much about BB creams recently, but had never actually tried one. For any of you that don't know, BB actually stands for Blemish Balm. Before they arrived in the UK, they were, and still are used in Asia. Asian girls, to me always seem to have perfect glowing skin, and if these creams are the reason why, then I'm in! 

  •  Natural and flawless coverage for all skin tones
  • Non greasy formula that provides a matte finish
  • Spreads with Nano fine texture, resulting in even tone and natural look
  • Supplies essential nutrients to revitalise skin, resulting in visibly fairer and radiant skin
  • Provides all day hydration for soft, supple skin
  • Provides Spf 30 to protect skin against UV rays and harmful free radicals.
  • Helps reduce the formation of fine lines

At first glance of the sachet sample received, I never thought there would be enough product in there to cover my far from perfect skin. But ladies, a little definitely goes a long way! There was in fact enough in there for 3-4 applications. Pouring it out onto my finger, it looked like your average liquid foundation... if a little dark. Once applied however, it adapted to the colour of my skin which quite impressed me, as foundation colour matching is always a tricky one. After applying the cream to my whole face, I was quite impressed with the look and coverage of it. It has a medium coverage, and made my skin look fresh and healthy. It also had quite a matte finish for a liquid foundation, which is always a good thing for an oily skinned girl! For me however, I felt I needed a tad extra coverage, so went over it with a small amount of my Bare Minerals foundation and concealer. This not only gave that extra bit more coverage I felt I needed for my skin, but also helped to set the cream for the day, to help prevent my skin from turning into greasy mess. 

 This pic was taken towards the end of the day wearing the Ginvera BB cream. My skin has gone quite oily, but to be honest, this level is quite good for me. Sometimes it can be far worse!

For you girls that don't need a heavy coverage, this product would be ideal for you. And for those of you that do prefer a heavier coverage, like myself, this actually makes a nice base primer/foundation. Although, I didn't feel comfortable wearing this alone, I think I would definitely purchase it in the future, as it gives a nicer, fresher coverage than my Bare Minerals alone. Maybe in the Summer, I'll brave it a bit more and use just the Ginvera (with a little translucent powder).
This BB cream is around £15-£20 for a 25ml tube, which should last you a longgg time.

My first BB cream experience was definitely a good one. I'm on the look out now for other brands versions, so I can compare.

I love receiving free samples as I feel sometimes you need to test a product for a couple of days to see if it's right for you. Check out:
to get some free samples for yourself

What do you ladies think of BB creams??


  1. This actually looks like a really nice BB cream, I haven't found one yet with a decent coverage though :/

  2. how do you get a sample of this cream I would love to try it.?