Friday, 2 March 2012

The Beauty-ful Blog Award

Woohooo, I have received my first ever blog award by Giada Beauty.
Thanks so much for this award, it really does mean alot. It's nice to know that people really do appreciate the time and effort you put in to creating a blog. 
Make sure you check out her fab blog Giada Beauty


***This award is meant ONLY for people who have a blog dedicated to makeup...that's why the "Beauty"***

The person who receives the award should link back to the person who gave the award (if you have received the award directly from sdglitter then you may skip this step but mention it that you have been awarded by sdglitter)
The person who receives this award must pass this on to 5 other beauty blogs that he/she follows and out of the 5 one should be a newly discovered blog
The person who receives the award should list 5 trends of makeup that he/she likes or dislikes or both

The best rule - The person who receives the award should post a link to
Beauty-Ful Blog Awards So people who have not received the award can nominate themselves.
My top five trends
1) Bright, bold lips. Whether pink, red, coral... I loveee a bright lip!
2) Bronzed skin. Typical being I'm an Essex girl?
3) Black winged liner. A classic and timeless look
4) Defined Brows. No matter what brow or shape, they always look better defined
5) Curly hair. A classic case of 'you always want what you can't have', as my hairs naturally polka straight

My Five Nominees are
Newly Discovered -
Crystalia cupcake

Thanks again Giada Beauty for the Beauty-ful award.


  1. Congrats on your award. Really enjoy reading your blog.

    Also congrats on the pregnancy. Exciting times ahead

  2. I just came across your blog... I am a new follower and you have a great blog! :) Please come check out my beauty blog if you have the time.