Monday, 27 February 2012

Carmine February Box!

Eeeeeek, my Carmine box has arrived, hooray!! After reading a review on what was in it before it arriving, I was massively excited when it was in my hands. I pretty much ripped the box open, I think my partner thought I had gone crazy or something? haha! 
I have always said Carmine was my joint fave box with Feel Unique, but after FU's unfortunate demise, Carmine is my firm all time favourite box. It has not let me down once! I LOVE YOU CARMINE!! It's not too late to sign up for this box though guys, please click my referral link to sign up, and you will receive free delivery on your first box:

Right, first up we have...
Balance Me Rose otto Body Wash. Exquisitely fragranced in the name of spring, this natural body wash will leave your skin velvety smooth and smelling like heaven. For 10% off both body washes visit and use code CARMINEWASHES2012. Exp 30th April 12.  
Body washes will always get used by me, although I do have a long line of them waiting to be used. This is just the first full size item this month, at 125ml, and being a fan of Balance Me, I'm sure this will be a treat to use.

Next, the Andrea Fulerton Nail Varnish in Eliza. Developed by celebrity nail technician Andrea Fulerton, These popular shades are incredibly glossy and long lasting. Try it and you'll be up there with celeb clients including Mishca Barton, Kyle Minogue and Penelope Cruz. 
Well, if Kylies a fan, then so am I! There are 6 different colours available from the Carmine boxes, and I received a gorgeous shimmery Turquoise colour. As much as I love this colour, I doubt I will get much use from it because of work, which is such a shame! It's Nice bright colour for spring. This is the 2nd full sized item this month, at 5.5ml.

 Diego Dalla Palma The Lipstick in shade #42. From one of Italys top brands, this sophisticated, intense pigment lipstick provides the perfect touch of long lasting colour. Chic and en Vougue, It's all you need for La Dolce Vita. 
This little lipstick is sooo cute, about the same size as the Jane iredale lippy from JB's box. I received this in shade #42, which is a reddish brown copper kind of colour. This is not a colour I would normally wear, I tend to steer clear of browny colours, and head towards brighter colours instead, but I will definitely give it a go. Perfect size for popping in your pocket at work. It also has a gorgeous smell, which is something I've smelt before but I can't quite put my finger on (help!!!). 

White Glo Professional Choice Whitening toothpaste (24g). Get ready to brush your way to a perfect smile, a la Jessica Alba. From the Australian Brand that makes formula's for coffee and tea drinkers, just a drop of this whitening toothpaste will leave your pearly whites in mint condition! 
I was so excited to receive this, as it's a product I have never seen/received in a beauty box before. I'm a big fan of any teeth whitening products, so will be giving this a definite go... and will be sure to hide it from my partner. Although I'm not sure that a toothpaste is going to make my smile like Miss Albas!

Steam Cream Steam infused skincare. These colourful tins are designed in Japan contain the latest concept in skincare: a lightweight, all in one moisturiser featuring nourishing oils - that can be used literally from head to toe. Explore Steamcream's full at Receive 20% off your next purchase using the code carmine20. Exp 30th April 12.
I am so damn excited to use this product, I have heard so many rave reviews about it. This is the 3rd and final full size item in this months box. I'm in love with the cute little tin also, I got the seashell design, but there are lots of gorgeous designs available. Because of my oily skin, I won't be using this on my face, but as it's an all round moisturiser, I'll be treating my hands and body to it.

As an extra, we also received a perfume sample, which I hate when it's included as one of our 5 products, but love it when they're added as an extra, which Carmine does very well. 

Yardley London Peony Fragrance. This Fresh, Feminine fragrance, captures the scent of the delicate peony flower and compliments it with delightful fruity notes and warm amber undertones.

So an absolutely brilliant box once again from Carmine, with some gorgeous products packed in!
I love the fact there were 3 full sized items this month, some other boxes (I won't name names), barely manage to put in one!
It's not too late to sign up to receive this box, please use my referral link below and you will receive free delivery on your first box:

What do you think about this box?


  1. Love this months box! especially the steam cream! I got the leopard one :) xoxo

  2. NICE! I want the steam cream for so long! I am still waiting for my box! only the steam cream cost £10! I cant wait to get my Carmine Box!! xx

  3. i enjoy your blogs....the carmine box looks amazing!!!! Do they ship in the states aswell?

  4. Hi Gina :)
    Congrats, you have been awarded The Beauty-Ful Blog Award.
    check out my blog for details xx