Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Review on Beauty Box items.

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So I had a bit of a pamper the other day and used a few Beauty Box items I had not yet got round to trying. Some impressed me more than others...

 First up, the Nuxe multi use oil. I have received this in 2 boxes, most recently the Feel Unique box and there were quite a lot of people raving about this product. I had used it before on my hair and wasn't too impressed. But this time I decided I would treat my body to it. And it was lovelllllyyyy. Just what my dry skin needed after being suffocated under these thick winter jumpers!! It provided a much needed deep moisturise and made my skin feel lovely, soft and so so smooth.


The Phyto Express conditioner was also from Feel Unique, from their January box. I love receiving conditioners in boxes as I need loadssss of it, having hair extension and all that. It take lots of maintenance. Although this conditioner wasn't bad, It's not what I would look for in one. It was definitely not rich enough to provide my locks with the moisture they need. So this would be an item I wouldn't consider repurchasing. For any other hair extension addicts out there, I found Herbal Essences a fab, cheap range that do the trick. I alternate this brand with a more expensive brand (normally balmain or Kerastase), to keep the cost down as much as possible.

Ok, I've just realised all of the items I tried out were from Feel Unique (I'm gonna miss that box!). This is an item I've fallen in loveeee with. My skins been breaking out a bit more lately so I was excited to try this, Decleors Natural Exfoliating cream. I used it before bed, as I knew my unruly skins immediate reaction wouldn't be pretty. Basically you smooth the cream over your face, wait a little while for it to work its magic, then rub it off (as well as all that dead skin), with your fingers. Was a very strange experience, and immediately after my skin was bright red! But by the next morning, It was lovely and smooth, my makeup went on smoother, and after a few days, my skins definitely been breaking out less. WIN!

Whats been your all time fave product from a beauty box??


  1. I got the Nuxe with the shimmer but not used it yet, I got the conditioner too and thought it was rubbish too, glad it's not just me who didn't like it.

  2. I loved the monu revitalising moisturiser I got in Nov's glossy box. Sad that feel unique has stopped. New follower :)



  3. oh I need to get my hands on some of that Decleor :)

  4. I love these items and FU was one of my fav boxes x

  5. I have a few samples of Decleor creams and toning lotions, but I need to find this exfoliating cream! Sounds like a lot of fun! xx