Thursday, 9 February 2012

Claim your FREE Graze box...

Hi guys, this post is totally not to do with beauty, but just like the next person, I'm a hugeee food lover!
I first heard about the Graze box on Facebook and signed up straight away with the promise of a FREE first box. And that is exactly what I got.
So, what is a Graze box? Basically, it's like a beauty box, but with natural food. It's a subscription service, with each box priced at £3.79 (with free delivery), but you can cancel at anytime. So you can sign up, enter the code I will be giving you shortly, get your free box delivered and then cancel (if you can bring yourself to, that is).

So this is how the box looks. I love that it's the perfect size to fit through my letter box, so I didn't have to take a cold trek to the Post Office when it was delivered whilst I was out. There is an option when you sign up to get them delivered as often as you like. So you can get one of these little babys everyday if you wish... although it'd work out quite expensive.

These were the four different foods I received in my first box:
  • Korean Rice Crackers
  • Fruit and Seed Flapjack
  • Love Mix (dried fruit)
  • Natural Vanilla Seeds.
There is an option  when you sign up to choose whether you would like to receive a healthy box or a nibble box, which is what I chose. And you can also rate all their different items, so they can pack your box depending on what you say you love and hate.

Oh and here is me enjoying the Flapjack in my lovely work uniform. It was soooo good, as was the rest of the food.

Ok so, if like me you have also fallen in love with the Graze box, you can sign up at To claim your free box, enter code 235426DD .
Once you enter that code, you will receive you FIRST and FIFTH boxes free. I cancelled after my first box, and when I did so, they offered me my next 2 boxes at £2.99. 
This offer is for a limited time only


  1. Groupon often does an offer for 4boxes for a fiver... I usually wait for these ones... I do love my graze boxes - I also like that you can totally customise. :)

  2. Never seen that offer on Groupon before, will deffo have to keep my eye out for it, thanks. xx

  3. This looks amazing, they should do more of a range of foods though as most of those would bore me!!

    I'm a new follower... Check out my blog :)