Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Beauty Boxes: What are they...WHAT do they do?...

OK you beautiful people, I'm dedicating my very first blog post to a current obsession of mine... BEAUTY BOXES! They have been going for a while in places like America, where they have their version, Birch Box. And in 2011, they came to the U.K with a vengeance. The first to arrive was the fabulous Glossy Box, with others following in their perfect little footsteps. To date, I am subscribed to 4 of these boxes which are (in subscription date order):

1. Glossy Box (£12.95 per month including delivery) 
Brands included: BioEffect, Blink + Go, Daniel Sandler, Dermalogica, Hd Brows, KMS, O.P.I, Xen Tan and Stila.

2. Boudoir Prive (recently changing their name to Jolie Box) ...(£12.95 including delivery)
Brands Included: Cargo, Korres, Macadamia, Studio Makeup, Zoya, RMK, Jane Iredale, SachaJuan and Colbert MD.

3. Carmine (£12.75 including delivery)
Brands Included: Weleda, KMS, Myface.cosmetics, Japonesque, Dainty Doll, Trind, New cid cosmetics, Daniel Sandler, Neom.

4. Feel Unique (£9.95 including delivery)
Brands Included: Nuxe, Tigi, Jemma Kidd, New Cid Cosmetics, Redken, Kms, Xen Tan and Philip Kingsley.

Basically the idea of these beauty box subscriptions is that you pay the set price each month and receive a monthly box containing 5 or 6 beauty items, some full sized, some samples. I think it's a fab idea for us girls (and guys) to try products we may never have even heard of or tried before. And with brands including O.P.I, Bed Head, Korres, Murad and Blink + Go, It is definitely a win for me!

At the moment, it's hard for me to say which is my fave box, as it changes most months. However at the moment, Carmine and Feel Unique are full steaming ahead. Carmine is definitely the box of choice if you want more makeup items!!

Tune in soon to discover what little beauts are lurking in my January boxes.

However, don't expect a January review for Jolie Box as they sent out an E-mail last month to explain they're skipping the January box in order for them to sort out quite a few customer service issues.

Here are their website links in case you love this idea as much as I do and want to subscribe to any of the boxes:

What box do YOU like the look of?
Are you already subscribed to any?


  1. At the moment I'm subbed to all four plus Amarya - (got a year sub with this one) x

  2. What do you think of Amarya? I liked the look of it, but overall I think it's the one I would least be interested in. My beauty box addiction had to stop somewhere!! lol x

  3. I love the idea of these, but I'd never be able to commit to one... I like doing my research, and then just jumping in and buying the product...

    However I must admit that I regularly read blog posts on the latest box contents :)

  4. The thing I like about these boxes is that you can try products that you may not have heard of before, so you're always trying different things. I also like that you always seem to get products in your box way above the price that you pay for the box. x