Friday, 20 January 2012

Hd Brows

I had heard of Hd Brows (High Definition) a while back, but it was only when I received the rather fabulous Hd brows palette in my Glossy box that I sat up and took notice of this brilliant brand! On the Hd Brows website, there is a salon finder, which lists the legitimate technicians which carry out this treatment. The treatment consists of 7 steps to get you some fab brows on that pretty little face of yours. The steps include tinting, waxing and threading... so it can be a bit painful!
I went and got mine done, the technician was lovely and made me feel very relaxed. She explained that where my brows were quite short to start with, thanks to past over plucking, it would take a few treatments to get them to Hd brow Perfection. I'm very happy with them and think the longer I keep it up, the better results I will achieve. It costs £25 and for me, I should really get them done every 3-4 weeks, but this can change from person to person depending on regrowth. However, I just lightly pluck stray hairs to pro-long resting time a bit, as it can work out quite expensive!

Here are my brows before the treatment...

And here they are after 2 treatments....
as you can see they are a bit red, thanks to the waxing and threading.


What do we think of Hd Brows girls????


  1. Hi, wow I think they look great :)
    That's exactly how I'd like mine to look, I've been trying myself to get there but you just can't beat the pros.
    Did you have to grow yours out at all?

    New follower :) Found you on Beauty Box Blogs, feel free to check out my little blog at


  2. Hiya, i did have to grow my brows for about 4-6 weeks as they were very short to start with. This pic was taken after just the 2nd time of having them done, so if I carry on, I would get better results each time.
    Thanks for following, will head over to your blog now and give you a follow xx

  3. I really like how your brows look now :)
    Xoxo, Christine♥