Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Eyes: Battle of the eyeliners

For Christmas from my lovely boyfriend, one of my pressies was the Benefit Bad Gal lash mascara/eyeliner duo (cleverly named 'Double The Bad'). I obviously had to pick this myself, as I doubt he has a clue what mascara even is. I had heard people raving about these products, and have been keen to give them a bash for a while now. The mascara is absolutely lovely, with its thick consistency, and big brush, it gets them lashes look H-O-T!! But what really drew my attention was the eyeliner... was it really all it's cracked up to be? Well girls, let me tell you... my usual eyeliner of choice is the lovely Bourjois Ultra black Kohl liner. And with constantly changing my makeup items, this fab liner is one I've been loyal to for a while. Occasionally trying others, but always coming back to this. With it's 'Ultra black' colour and good staying power, it suits me down to the ground! So yes, I was a bit sceptical about going out of my Eyeliner comfort zone. I have to say though, yes, the Benefit Bad Gal Liner is a gooden'. With the liner pencil one end, and a smudger brush the other, it's perfecto to create looks including the olde Smokey Eyes look. Compared to the Bourjois one, the Benefit version glided on a lot smoother, not dragging my eyes at all. I don't feel it's quite as dark in colour though, which for me is a disadvantage. These two factors together meant that for me to obtain my usual eyeliner look, required me to sharpen the pencil quite often, which obviously meant the pencil wouldn't last no where near as long. But having said this, the fact that it's waterproof is a hugeee bonus for me! Especially as holiday seasons fast approaching...

My Verdict: I love both of these little beauty's to be quite honest. I'll be sticking to my cheaper Bourjois liner for work, and indulging in my new Benefit Bad Gal liner for special occasions and days off. Dilemma sorted!

Here's a simple look I done on myself using the Benefit products.

I'm also wearing Rimmels Eyebrow pencil in Dark Brown, and a slick of my Cargo lip gloss in shade 'Serengeti' from my December Glossy Box.

Please be aware that these eye lashes are not all my own, I had a dodgy lash job done a few weeks back.
I apologise for the poor image quality, I've had to use my webcam, as my poor little digi camera took a bit of a beating during a night out. R.i.p digital camera.

The Benefit Bad Gal lash mascara/eyeliner duo was purchased from Boots for £20.50. These can obviously be purchased separately too.

Do you have a fave eye-liner?


  1. I just love love love the studio makeup Liquid pen liner that I got in one of the beauty boxes.. Can't remember which one now.. The nib is really thin, so it's dead easy to get perfect thick or thin line with it!

  2. Think that was from the boudoir prive box? I quite liked it but found it didnt give me the dark black colour that i normally go for. It didnt seem to last long either? However, even though its run out, i do still keep it in my makeup bag as i find its quite good to flick the corners of the eyeliner out, because of the thin nib. Xx

  3. You have gorgeous eyes!! amazing look :)

  4. Ahh thanks, Sharon. Just headed over to your blog and gave you a follow, it's real good. x

  5. Omg your eyes look amazing here!!! xx