Friday, 6 January 2012

Fake that Bake!!

Yes, I'm an Essex girl, so it's a given that I'm a fake tan-a-holic. I own all sorts, from Piz Buin, to Fake bake and everything in between. So, I thought I'd share with you gorgeous people my loves and hates in my collection. I'll list them in order of my worst to my best:

In last place is the Piz Buin Max spray self tan. I definitely wouldn't recommend this one, especially to fake tan virgins/beginners as it doesn't have a colour guide to see where you have already applied the tan. This can lead to some streaky tanning!! This is suppose to be a dark tanning spray, but i personally wouldn't say it lives up to that. As for the smell, it's not too sad, especially compared to some tans out there!
Score: 3/10
In second from last place is the Hawaiian Tropic Island radiance cream tan. This glides on fairly smoothly, thanks to it's cream consistency, but again, it doesn't have a tinted colour, to give you a guide of where you have already applied it. It gives you an OK colour result, but I don't think I'll be using it again. The smell is quite nice and fresh, thanks to it's 'odor blocking technology'.
Score: 3/10
Next is the Banana Boat  Summer Colour Mousse tan. This didn't stand out for me at all really, not for good or bad reasons. It has the faintest colour guide, which is better than nothing. The smells not great. This one is over all just, OK.
Score: 4/10
Yes, I know this is a Face tan, but I thought it was definitely worth a mention. This is the Banana Boat SunDial Face. I love the fact you can control how light or dark you want the tan by turning the dial, which mixes more moisturiser with the tan, the lighter you want it. Goes on nicely, although I found it a bit too heavy for my oily skin.
Score: 6/10

The St tropez Every day tan, is a moisturiser tan which you apply everyday to gradually build your tan. Good for beginners, but for me, it doesn't give me a dark enough tan. It does work out quite expensive if you apply it over the full body every day, though.
Score: 6/10

This is the cheaper version of the department store Fake Bake range, called Beyond Bronze. This is the lotion version, which glides on nicely, leaving that all important colour guide behind to see where the tan has already been applied. The main difference I found with this one compared to the more expensive Fake Bake range is that with the expensive ones, as long as the area of skin is all covered, no matter how much tan you put on the area, you will get an even tan. Sadly though, with this one, it's not the case. But at more than half the price, you can't really complain!!
Score: 6.5/10

This is the Xen tan. I've tried all sorts of Xen Tan fake tans, and quite like them, so was thrilled when I received the dark version in a couple of beauty boxes some months back. OK, I'm going to sound real fussy here...but for once, i found the dark version TOO dark, and even though I followed the correct tanning preparations, it seemed to still gather in some places. I have tried the normal version before, and much preferred that. So as the Xen Tan range, I'm a fan! The face tanner is packed with skin loving ingredients including Antioxidants. Bingo!
Score: 7/10

In third place is...the brilliant St Tropez bronzing lotion. I have tried all of their range, but for me I found the lotion went on the best. As you can tell by the picture, this has been well used, which is proof that I really like this little darling! Colour guide, TICK. Even Tan, TICK. Good for beginners, TICK!
Score: 8/10
In second place is... the Fake Bake Airbrush tan, which I absolutely la la la loveee. In fact, if it wasn't for the expensive price tag, and the fact it runs out relatively quickly, this would be joint first. But because of those factors, it has been knocked down a peg. Again, I have tried all Fake Bake products and found this one to be the best for me, but comes close to the Fake Bake original lotion. The airbrush system is easy to use, and leaves a lovely not too dark, not too light, glowing tan. Oh, and did I mention, Amy Child's (from TOWIE) recommends it?! Love it.
Score: 9/10
And in first place is........... drum roll please.........The one, the only ST MORIZ INSTANT SELF TANNING MOUSSE!!!! With it's credit crunch busting price tag (just a few quid), it's colour glide, the smoothness it has as it softly glides on your skin, the end colour result...just... EVERYTHING!! Sorry I'm getting a bit excited!! Since buying this tan, I haven't actually gone back to any other. I have it in the original version which I use if I haven't got anywhere special to go, and the dark version I use for nights out etc.
Just pleaseee make sure you keep the bottle up the correct way, as it can tend to leak, my first bottle did as I walked back from the shops!!
Score: 10/10 for sure!

For fake tanning advice and tips to help you achieve a gorgeous even tan, look up my Beauty tips, tricks and advice page.

What fake tans are you girls rating or slating ?


  1. I love st Moritz too!! I hope they don't put the price up as its gets even more popular x

  2. I know, I've got a feeling that they will. I sooo hope not though, it's a fake tan-lovers dream!! x