Thursday, 12 January 2012

Feel Unique: January Beauty Box

Hellooo guys and dolls!! Hope we're all OK and having a brilliant 2012 so far. OK, so today is quite an exciting day for me... my first EVER beauty box review blog post. And to prove my excitement...
Noooo, I'm not trying to eat the box, it's a picture of my 'excited face' ...before I had a look at it's contents...

I received my Feel Unique box last night... and my first thoughts are... Feel Unique, REALLY?! After 2 a-maze-ing previous boxes from them, I had ranked them top of my list with Carmine as far as beauty boxes go. But unfortunately this month they've slipped down a place or 2 for me. So what are the contents you ask?...welll....

Firstly is the Lierac Anti-age cream (15ml). This cream is totally suitable for my 22 year old oily skin...NOT. Although this cream is not specifically good for the likes of me, if I had more mature skin, I think I would definitely give this a bash. Saying this however, I guess prevention in ageing is better than cure! The cream claims to leave your skin visibly lifted and regain its optimal firmness with its advanced formula.
My mum is coming over in a bit to open her birthday presents (happy birthday mum!), so I'm quickly going to wrap this up for her...haha
The full sized item is 50ml and sells for (in Feel Uniques shop), £56.55

Then we have the Phyto Express conditioner (20ml) for colour treated hair. This is a product I'll be using as I do have coloured hair, however I will probably get just one use out of it, because of 'my' long hair (thanks to my hair extensions). It is rich in citrus extracts to bring long lasting colour, shine and silkiness to the hair, so they claim. I will give this a try soon and let you know how it goes. My extensions can get quite dry, so are very demanding!
Full sized item (150ml) sells for £10.20

Right, I know there are quite a few beauty box lovers out there who are not impressed with this next item, because the brand has popped up in boxes on more than one occasion. Dead Sea Spa Magik. I've previously received the bath salts and moisturiser from them and neither was I very impressed with. However, this time I received the Salt Brushing Exfoliating Scrub (2 x 50g packets). YAYY. As a fake tan lover, I can never have too much exfoliater, so this was a good thing to receive. Although, quite frankly...the packaging sucks! The packaging presentation never really bothers me, which is a good thing as Dead Sea Spa Magiks ain't brilliant. But it's more the functionality of the packaging. As with the bath salts, its just chucked in a non resealable packet leaving it to spill out everywhere when you put it down. But hey ho, I'm a hard to please girl.
This is a natural exfoliating scrub which exfoliates dead skin cells and helps aid skin repair and rejuvenates the appearance of skin.
Full sized item sells for £12.25 for 500g. (In a much more suitable tub container)

This is another brand we have seen before, Caudalie. Previously receiving face care from them, this time I've received their Nourishing Body Lotion (30ml). Another body moisturiser...great...Well, at least it would be great if I didn't receive them in pretty much every box. Yes this is an item I will use, but it's going to have wait in the long line of others I have waiting to be used.
This is for normal to dry skin and will (hopefully) soften and tone your skin and make it more radiant.
 Full size is 400ml which sells for £21.50

Next, an item from the brand Green People, a gentle cleanser makeup remover and cleanser (10ml). This is a very small size, so can't imagine it lasting very long, but hopefully long enough for you to discover whether you like or not. I won't be using it, simply because of the fact I'm in a medicated facial skin care regime. 
This is a light organic cleansing lotion which gently rids the skin of pollutants leaving it feeling soft sand refreshed.
Straight on to Ebay.
This as a full sized item sells for £15.25 for 200ml

As a little extra this month, I received a TINY Lierac Comfort peel (2ml). Which states is a wrinkle smoothing renewing cream, which give you the effect of 'new skin'.

On the contents card, you receive 10% off any of the brands featured in the box by typing in code BBJAN10B at the checkout. This offer expires 18/02/2012.

So a pretty average/below average box for me this month. I know you can never please everyone, but with a box pretty much full of skin care items, us makeup lovers are not going to be too impressed. This is the not the worst box for me though in the history of beauty boxes. NOTHING can beat Glossy box's November box to that award.
My personal opinion is that Feel Unique introduce a personal beauty profile to they can personalise their boxes a bit more. Which is exactly what some of the others have done.
I really do hope there are some of you that love this box.

Overall score this month?
4.5/10     Harsh I know, but like I say, I'm hard to please

Opinions girls?


  1. I nsubscribed last month and I'm glad. I would have liked only the cleanser from this box.

    I'm having a giveaway, if you'd like to enter... :)

  2. I agree, this was quite below the average box despite the good value of the products inside. I think I will wait till next month and then decide wether to stay subscribed. I like your blog too so I'm following and looking forward to new posts :)

  3. This was also my first ever FU Box too! Was not impressed at all! I subbed after reading about the previous amazing boxes but I think I will give them next month to bounce back and if not, I will be definitely unsubbing!!