Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Nails: Black and gold

Working in a hospital, I'm not allowed colour on my nails (think it's due to infection control/ health & safety?), but over Christmas I was one of the lucky ones to be granted a weeks annual leave (WOOHOO). So with one wholeeee week off of work I decided I would go wild and do something a bit more creative with my nails. So off I went to the nail salon to have my falsies infilled and took a little gem with me which I very greatfully received in the December Jolie Box. The Gold O.P.I shatter effect nail varnish. As far as nail polishes go, O.P.I is rather pricey (£10.50), but with other brands including Barry M giving the shatter polishes a go, getting this look doesn't have to mean going with out that new eyeliner you had your beady little eyes on! Most of my nail polishes are actually Barry M, as I think they're top quality, glide on smoothly, and leave you with a strong colour (normally after just one coat). Anywayyy back to the O.P.I varnish...after having my nails infilled, the technician painted my nails with a plain black varnish. If you're going to use a dark colour, such as black on your nails, I'd advise doing a base coat first, to protect your nails and prevent them staining... especially if they're your natural nails! Then once the 2 coats of black has fully dried, she went over with my Gold shatter varnish. At one point, I actually had a small crowd gathering around as she was doing this as it looked so god damn cool!... (when I say small crowd, I mean like a whole 2 people, ha!!).
Anddddd the finish effect? ...

What are your all time fave nail polish brands/looks girls??


  1. I used my gold shatter on NYE with a burgundy underneath. Beautiful! :)

  2. Wowee, those nails look hot! I hadn't tried black underneath, I'll be giving those a go. Love your blog btw, I'll give you a follow!
    Kayleigh x

  3. Oooo Burgundy sounds hot!! Was thinking of doing a dark purple next time, but I'm not sure now? Ahh thanks, Kayleigh, will log onto yours and follow you right now :) x